Schoodl ebooks:

These simple and colorful e-books will make embarking on the road to your technology center easy and enjoyable.

1. Overview/Get Your Most Important Tool: Your Administrative Wiki $5 (select button below) 2. Where Email and Grading Programs Fit In $5 3. Enable Staff Collaboration with Social Networking $5 4. Create and Support Your Teachers’ Websites $5
5. Advertise Your School with Social Media $5 6. Connect to Your State’s Computer Network and Tools $5 7. Develop Your e-learning Platform $5 8. Manage Your School’s Written Content in the Cloud with a CMS, like WordPress $5
9. Parent-Teacher Technology Group Templates $5 10. Order the Set of 9 schoodl books for $45

For upbeat and informative back-to-school sessions or department meetings, contact Elly Faden. The per-diem cost is your substitute rate.

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